Vampire Videos

On Vampire Videos Dan Owen and Hugh McStay explore a century of bloodsucking cinema with weekly guests and experts.

Would You Die? A Horror Movie Podcast

Host Austin Torres presents the weekly podcast Would You Die? The show features a new guest each week wherein they discuss their favourite horror monsters and villains. The conversations cover why the guest likes the chosen villain, their general feelings around horror as well as whether or not they would survive an encounter with theirContinue reading “Would You Die? A Horror Movie Podcast”

Creepy and Geeky

Hosted by Robert, Creepy and Geeky is a double feature podcast where he talks to a guest about two movies that are usually creepy and/or geeky! Quentin Tarantino – True Romance & Natural Born Killers My first appearance on Creepy and Geeky had me talking about the two Quentin Tarantino films that he write butContinue reading “Creepy and Geeky”