Director’s Uncut [Podcast Appearances]

Rob Simpson’s podcast Director’s Uncut works in a slightly unusual way. Each week he and one or more guests discuss two pieces of work from one director. In itself that doesn’t sound too unconventional, however the director in question is selected completely at random. During each episode the new name is drawn from a lottery of talent meaning that in the space of a week he can go from discussing a master of horror to an obscure foreign director.

Wes Craven

I’m part of the regular rotation of guests having appeared to discuss Wes Craven, as well as being a regular fixture on the ‘What we’ve been Watching’ segment. For Wes Craven we discussed Last House on the Left and Cursed.

Listen links: Spotify, Apple.

What We’ve Been Watching

X (from around fifty minutes) – listen links. Spotify, Apple.

The Northman & Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (from around fifty minutes) – listen links: Spotify Apple.

The Innocents & Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness(from around fifty-five minutes) – listen links: Spotify Apple.

Spontaneous & Firestarter (from around fifty-five minutes) – listen links: Spotify Apple.

FrightFest Round-Up

Post Arrow Video FrightFest a few of us sat down to dissect the films that screened in detail.

Listen links: Anchor.

2022 in Review

Told in two parts across Director’s Uncut and Pop Screen,

Part One listen links: Spotify.

Part Two listen links: Spotify

Ridley Scott

As part of the normal podcast rotation I got to discuss the women of Ridley Scott films in Alien and Thelma and Louise.

Listen Links: Spotify

James Wan

Part one of a look into the career of James Wan. I discuss Saw and Insidious.

Listen Link: Spotify