FrightFest 2022 Highlights

Since joining THN as a contributor I have been fortunate enough to cover Arrow Video FrightFest every year. What began as a simple quick stop-in to watch and review Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch’s epic Starry Eyes has since evolved into covering almost every film playing. This year was no exception, as I only missed three titles out of over seventy that screened. As someone who champions horror, but with a strong focus on independent horror, spending every August shifting through films is a highlight of my year.

I’d like to say a personal thank-you to all the PR’s, sales teams, and filmmakers who shared their movies with me. It is only with the trust of these people that my coverage for THN can be as comprehensive as it is. I’d also like to extend further thanks to everyone who took the time to speak with me on the media wall. Finally, to all the filmmakers I got to hang out with and talk to socially, you made my weekend. Those of you that came up to me to share your gratitude for my reviews… whilst you almost made me cry, it was so amazing to hear that I’ve done your beautiful work some sort of justice.

There is so much talent within the genre that deserves to be seen. This year was a bumper year for quality, though the sheer quantity means that no one at the festival can watch any more than a third of what’s on offer. As someone who has experienced 94% of this year’s crop (thanks Letterboxd list), here are a selection of films that wowed me.