Jill Gevargizian [Interview]

The Stylist was one of my favourite films from last year’s crop of FrightFest films. Directed by Jill Gevargizian, also known as Jill Sixx, the film is a glorious insight into the fractured mind of a hair stylist with a compulsion to murder some of her clients. The film originally began life as a short film, but the idea was too good to not be explored further, and so Gevargizian embarked on an intensive Kickstarter campaign to get the feature version made. The fundraising was a complete success and the finished result ended up being picked up by the wonderful folks at Arrow Films. The Stylist has been available on Arrow’s video player since March, but now arrives on Blu-ray, making this the perfect time to share my interview with Jill during which we delve deep into this very special debut.

This interview first appeared on THN, the video was edited together by Paul Heath. The Stylist is available on Digital HD and Blu-ray now.